What makes Moemoe mattress toppers unique?

Mattress Topper

Moemoe mattress toppers are made in NZ from natural fibres including luxurious wool and alpaca. These materials provide superior comfort and safety compared to synthetic toppers, which are not as kind on skin and can make you overheat. Choosing a Moemoe mattress topper means you’re getting a sustainable and ethically sourced product so you can rest without a worry!

Our alpaca and wool toppers are exceptionally warm. The nature of these fibres allows them to regulate heat so you will stay at the perfect temperature all night. Alpaca and wool are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and dust mites. Cased in 350 thread count air-jet woven cotton, our toppers are comfortable and soft to the touch.

We take sleep seriously and have designed our products to be easy to use and maintain. Our unique quilting system attaches filling to the cotton casing, keeping the wool in place so there are no cold spots! Moemoe mattress toppers come complete with elastic on each corner which fastens securely to your mattress to prevent bunching. To make your bed the ultimate in comfort, complete your set with a Moemoe natural fibre duvet and pillows.

Caring for your Moemoe mattress topper

For an all-over clean, we recommend that you launder your Moemoe product through an experienced dry cleaner. For spills and stains, your topper can be spot cleaned. If you would like to freshen up your topper, simply hang it in the sun for as long as possible.

Mattress topper specifications

Check our specifications below to get the right sized mattress topper for your bed.

King Single
Super King

70cm x 130cm
92cm x 190cm
107cm x 201cm
152cm x 201cm
170cm x 201cm

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