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Moemoe Toppers "Best mattress toppers in New Zealand"

We are proud to be voted on of New Zealand's best mattress toppers. Read all about Moemoe mattress toppers review here

The 6 Best Mattress Toppers in New Zealand [2021] (topreviews.co.nz)

What makes Moemoe bedding special?

All of our products are made in New Zealand from sustainable, ethically sourced materials. We use pure NZ wool among other natural fibres, meaning that our products are biodegradable and good for the planet.

Our wool and alpaca mattress toppers provide serious warmth and comfort, as well as protecting your mattress. Combine this with one of our duvet inners for a totally restorative sleep. We have wool and alpaca duvet inners available as well as feather and down, so you can choose the inner that suits you and your environment.


Browse our online bedding collections below and transform your bedroom and your sleep with Moemoe.

MOEMOE WOOL This breathable fibre is hypoallergenic and wicks moisture away from the body for a supremely comfortable rest.

Why Wool?  Click here for the benefits of wool bedding.

MOEMOE TOPPERS the natural fibres protect your mattress while providing extra warmth and comfort for a better night's sleep.  Wool's unique ability to regulate body temperature allows you to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

Shop our NZ made alpaca and wool mattress toppers and sink into comfort every night.

MOEMOE ALPACA is a smooth, luxurious bedding material that is extremely warm while still being lighter than other natural fibres. Shop the range of alpaca bedding here for a blissful night’s sleep.

MOEMOE FEATHER & DOWN is the ultimate in comfort making you feel like you are sleeping under a cloud.  Our 50/50 duvets provide medium warmth for all year round luxury.

MOEMOE PILLOW COLLECTION made in NZ, Moemoe Bedding offers a range of pillows to suit even the fussiest pillow critic.  Using natural fibres, our pillows have good loft to provide you with good support while you sleep.  Moemoe pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic and have a removable quality cotton outer for easy cleaning.

Quality Bedding Made in New Zealand

At Moemoe, we believe that high-quality bedding translates to high-quality sleep. When you are looking to buy bedding in NZ, it’s important to find products that will enhance your slumber. Our range is made from natural fibres including New Zealand wool, alpaca, feather and down. These breathable and durable natural materials help to improve sleep by regulating your temperature throughout the night and absorbing moisture. Explore our range of bedding online in NZ for duvet inners, mattress toppers, pillows and more.

Ready to experience truly restful sleep? Buy bedding NZ wide at Moemoe today!