Is Moemoe made in New Zealand?

Yes absolutely.  Our Moemoe products are made in South Auckland by a company that has been making duvets for export for over 25 years..  Our Moemoe team is based in Henderson and between us we have over 70 years experience in marketing, manufacturing and customer service.  

GSM vs. Tog rating

GSM is the abbreviation for Grams per Square Metre.  It refers to how we measure the weight of the duvet filling.  The higher the GSM of a duvet, the warmer it is.  TOG stands for 'Thermal Overall Grade".  This is the measurement of the duvet's ability to retain and trap heat.  The higher the TOG value the warmer your duvet will be.  Keep in mind that the higher the GSM or TOG rating does not mean that the filling is a better quality. 

Moemoe manufacturer's two variations in the wool range; 

  • 300gsm (4-7 tog), suitable for the Autumn and Spring climates.  
  • 500gsm (10-12 tog), is best suited to winter climates. 

Our Alpaca duvets come in 450gsm.  Alpaca is a lighter wool but is warmer than wool.  A 450gsm alpaca duvet will equal a 500gsm wool duvet.

What is Loft?

this is a term used to describe feather and down bedding.  Loft refers to how fluffy the Down quilt is. However, it’s important to note that it is not a measurement of the quilt’s actual warmth rating. 

Our feather and down duvets are 50% down and 50% feather.  The filling is encased in down proof covers in the European cassette box style with internal baffles to prevent undue fill movement. The product is filled here in NZ using quality ethically sourced white duck down and feather.

  • Single 800g
  • King single 950g
  • Queen 1100g
  • King 1200g
  • Super King 1300g

Will the filling stay in place?

All our duvets and underlays are made using a specialised quilting system.  The fibre is layered for extra warmth and then the cotton cover is placed on top and underneath.  It is then quilted right through securing all layers to your duvet/underlay.  

The feather and down duvet inners are made using a "box cassette" quilting system.  The cover is sewn like a grid and then the fibre is blown in to place.  This limits any movement of the filling.

Does the filling come out?

The cotton we use when covering the filling is high quality and has a tight weave which means the filling wont migrate through.  The premium cotton cover keeps the filling inside the duvet where it should be.

Can I use my electric blanket with a topper?

Yes you can.  The wonderful thing about using an electric blanket underneath your topper is that the topper will retain the heat and keep you warm throughout the night.

Custom made products

Moemoe is happy to provide a quote for a custom made product.  Please send your request to sales@thegreenboutique.co.nz.