Care Instructions

Caring for your Moemoe product

Natural fibres are best cleaned the same way they are in nature - with fresh air and sunshine.  We recommend that you hang your Moemoe product in the sun for as long as possible to freshen it up and revive it. 

We treat the wool used in our duvets as little as possible.  This means in some cases there may be a slight lanolin smell.  Some people are more sensitive to this than others.  If you do find that your duvet has a lanolin fragrance, simply hang in direct sun for a day.

A gentle shake of your feather and down bedding after a day in the sun will revive it back to its former glory.

Our pillows come with a removable cotton cover that can be removed and laundered.

Spot cleaning

To spot clean your bedding we recommend that you hold the cotton fabric away from the fill and dab at the stain with a non-chemical cleaner and some water.  Dry immediately in the sun or with a hairdryer so the filling doesn't get damaged.

Wash Instructions

If you feel the need to have your bedding cleaned then we recommend a reputable dry-cleaning company. 


Store your Moemoe product in a breathable bag in a well ventilated cupboard.  Before use, hang your duvet or pillow, on the clothesline in full sun.  

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