Why Choose Feather & Down Bedding?

The feather and down duvet originated in Europe and was known as the eiderdown after the eiderduck which provided the down and feather filling.

Two fibres of the white duck make up Moemoe's cozy feather and down duvets;

Down is the soft, fluffy coating found underneath the feathers of the duck located mostly on the breast and underbelly.  Down is lighter than feathers and is the most important fibre in our feather and down duvets. 

The down is responsible for the insulation and warmth by expanding to fill space and trap air.  It also has the ability to absorb the moisture we release and let it go into the atmosphere to create the perfect temperature for sleeping. This ensures you are cosy but not clammy.

Down’s ability to breathe means it can regulate and achieve a comfortable temperature between you and your bedding, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Feathers are added to bulk up the duvet and to provide support.  

The two combined produce a duvet that regulates temperature and absorbs moisture to keep you sleeping soundly and without that "clammy" feeling.  Moemoe feather and down bedding moulds around your body as you sleep and prevents any cool drafts from entering your cozy sleeping space.

These duvets suit someone who likes a bit more of a weighted duvet which gives a full look on the bed.