Why Choose Alpaca Bedding?

Alpaca fibre is approximately 25 percent warmer than sheep's wool but is also lighter.   The warmth is created by the tiny hollow areas in the centres of individual fibres that trap the warm air.  Alpaca fibres are extremely smooth and are similar in feel to cashmere making it a luxurious fibre for bedding. 

Alpaca fibre has exceptional moisture-wicking abilities. The fibre first absorbs your body moisture and then slowly releases it into the air, keeping dry and evenly warm throughout the whole night, summer and winter. The wicking also keeps your duvet odour and mildew free, creating a healthier sleep environment.

Alpaca offers the ultimate in comfort for a great night’s sleep – whatever the weather, the same alpaca duvet will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

 Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic and hypoallergenic. The cool and dry environment created with the use of alpaca fibre makes it difficult for dust mites to live and breed. Moemoe alpaca duvets are the perfect choice for sufferers of allergies, such as asthma.