How to Choose a Wool Duvet

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Everyone needs a good night’s sleep and while buying the best bedding you can afford will help, you need to choose bedding that is best for you.  Because everybody is different, Moemoe have created a range of duvets to satisfy even the fussiest sleeper.

Moemoe only produces duvets with natural filling; alpaca, wool, feather and down.  Natural fibres have excellent insulation qualities that synthetic fibres can’t compete with.  The natural filling is complemented with an equally natural outer.  This allows moisture to pass through the duvet so you can sleep without that “clammy” feeling.

Our unique quilting process prevents the filling from moving. 

The weight of a duvet is the main consideration.  This is measured by GSM (grams per square metre) or tog.  Our duvets range from 300gsm to 500gsm.  This is suited to a typical New Zealand climate ranging from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Our 300gsm wool duvet is the lightest weight needed for the New Zealand environment.  It is an ideal for the warmer climates and through the summer months.  The thinner duvet will retain less heat keeping you cooler in summer.

Moemoe’s 500gsm duvet is a great all-round duvet.  It is the heaviest wool duvet in our range.  This weight will keep you warm even during the coldest months.  The 500gsm is our best-selling duvet and a great weight to choose when you are in doubt.

Our combo duvet gives you options.  It is a versatile two-in-one duvet that can combine two duvets together: a 300gsm and a 200gsm that tie together during the colder months and can be split to either use the 200gsm or 300gsm.  This is the perfect duvet for a climate that is more extreme, while also versatile enough to become two duvets for when you have guests staying.

Moemoe’s alpaca duvet comes in 450gsm weight.  It is warmer than wool and has similar properties but is lighter.  You get the warmth of the 500gsm wool duvet but the feeling of the 300gsm.  Alpaca is perfect if you like the warmth but don’t like the weight.

Rest assured that whatever Moemoe duvet you decide to purchase, you will enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.  We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of all our products and guarantee you a better night’s sleep.

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