About Us

Proudly New Zealand made

Moemoe duvets and underlays are manufactured right here in New Zealand using only 100% pure NZ wool.  After 20 years of perfecting duvets for export to Europe, China, Korea, Australia and the US, we are now happy to offer a range of duvets and underlays designed especially for New Zealanders for our New Zealand climate.

You spend about 10,500 days in bed over a lifetime and so we're here to make that time well spent.

We believe that bedding should be as natural as possible which is why we only use natural products.  You should know what you're sleeping in and we believe that natural wool is best.  After all 34 million NZ sheep can't be wrong!

What is Buy NZ Made?*

Unlike Australian law, New Zealand does not specify exact proportions of material or labour content to determine if a product is NZ Made. So, working out if a product is NZ Made can be tricky, and unfortunately we can't give you a precise formula which will prescribe exactly which products fit the bill.

What we can do is give you these guidelines and considerations for what constitutes New Zealand made:

  • For a clothing item, where is it actually changed from a fabric into a garment?

  • For a manufactured product, is it substantially manufactured in New Zealand? Where was the critical componentry manufactured? Are any significant stages of manufacture carried out overseas?

*Source: Buy NZ Made website www.buynz.org.nz

Asthma New Zealand

Distributed in NZ by The Green Boutique, Moemoe bedding is approved by Asthma NZ and $1 of each duvet and underlay sold goes to Asthma NZ to support them and the great work they do for New Zealanders.

Thank you for supporting New Zealand made.